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Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, you just can't get ahead as a Chiropractor? Maybe you love it, but your business is a mess and financially, you're barely scraping by.  Or perhaps, your office is wildly successful, but you're not feeling fulfilled within the profession.  And let's be real, when as the last time you took a legit vacation and time away from your practice?

Wherever you are as a Chiropractic Professional, we're here for you.

The Chiropractors' Edge provides opportunities to access proven business strategies, resources, money saving tips, community support, educational tools and relational capital leverage which can give you the "EDGE" as a chiropractor. Whatever mode of content you're searching for, we have it here. Check out our insightful Blog Posts, engaging Podcasts and Freaking Awesome Deals. Make sure to join our FREE Facebook Group to connect with peers and mentors too. 


 You'll notice that we have partnered with top businesses in the industry. These partnerships exist to fund this website and podcast. Utilizing them is essential to creating a FREE space for you to choose the best resources for your Chiropractic business. Our goal is to always provide these resources free under one roof, allowing you to spend less time searching for ways to take your Chiropractic practice to the next level, and more time focusing on a life of abundance, time and freedom.



My name is Dr. Jake Hansen and I am on a mission to help chiropractors achieve a life of ABUNDANCE. An abundance of wealth, time and freedom are within your grasp! I want you to be able to take time away from your practice while it thrives. I believe that chiropractors should be among the wealthiest, affluent and influential leaders on the planet. You were born to play big. You have an ethical and moral obligation to receive big so you can give big. After all, you can't give what you don't have. 

As a chiropractor, do you realize the vast potential you hold in your hands?


I started The Chiropractors' Edge to create opportunities for CONNECTION between professionals like you seeking an edge in their business, and elite companies who can provide that edge. We work with organizations who are giving back to Chiropractors through specialized resources, discounts and freaking awesome deals, which elevate your business and life.


Expect MORE from your systems, resources and equipment.

Expect MORE for your staff and the patients you serve.

Expect MORE abundance, time and freedom for yourself and your family!


I invite you to join us, and get the EDGE.


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